Senior Product Manager, Innovator & Entrepreneur

My goal is to transform the way people think, work, and live by delivering exceptional products.  I’m deeply committed to developing innovative technologies and products that address significant challenges and have a profound impact on users.  I take great pride in leading teams to discover innovative ways to tap into profitable product opportunities.

I’ve been a Senior Product Manager with 10+ years of extensive expertise in AI, digital health, and data-driven SaaS technologies. My skill set encompasses launching new products, taking products to market, and scaling high-impact solutions for both consumer and business end users. I possess a wealth of experience creating impactful user experiences for partners, customers, and the company. My passion lies in pushing boundaries and innovating the industry with cutting-edge technology.

I’m a driven product leader who values empathy and team development immensely. I bring a diverse skillset to the product management career as an entrepreneur and founder of three successful ventures. I also possess a wide range of valuable leadership qualities, including empathy, resilience, adaptability, timeliness, problem-solving skills, and exceptional communication abilities.

Finally, I am an active contributing alumni member of the world’s leading innovation networks at Y-Combinator, Techstars and MassChallenge.



My passion is developing technologies that enhance our human abilities. Human augmentation has been the focus recently for applications ranging from defense, sports, and improving daily living for persons with disabilities. Advances in materials, processors and manufacturing techniques are opening up a new world of possibilities ranging from exoskeletons, sensors, to brain-computer interfaces. I’m developing new devices, applications and products that enhance our abilities. One of our products called Sunu Band is a sonar-smartwatch that extends the senses for people who visually impaired. My vision is a world where technology is an enabler, taking our abilities beyond our wildest expectations and allowing people to be more efficient, smarter and even overcome illness and disease.


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